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3 John 1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Services & Rates

Massage Treatment Services

Relaxation Massage

The massage therapist uses a variety of Swedish massage techniques with light gentle pressure. The variety strokes consist of gliding, kneading and effleurage using grapeseed oil. This allows you to achieve a calming state of relaxation while helping to improve circulation, the sense of well-being and stimulating the lymphatic drainage system which carries wastes from your body.

30 min – $30.00

60 min – $60.0

75 min -$75.00

90 min- $90.00

120 min – $120.00


Therapeutic Massage/Sports Massage

A licensed massage therapist will perform a variety of techniques to manipulate the superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue to enhance the function and promote relaxation. The therapist will customize each session and will use variety of techniques using deeper pressure to relieve the knots and tension. The techniques that might be used are Myofasical, Percision Neuromusclar Therapy, Deep Tissue, trigger point therapy along with Joint Mobilization, Joint manipulation and stretching.

In Order to perform therapeutic session the massage therapist must be licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board.

30 min – $30.00

60 min – $60.0

75 min -$75.00

90 min- $90.00

120 min – $120.00


Signature Services

Touch of Heaven’s Signature Massage

The massage therapist performs 75 min massage using a combination of relaxation strokes such as gliding,effleurange and kneading focusing on areas with knots and tension while using warmed coconut oil or a massage oil enhanced with essential oil(s) of your choice. You will also receive a warm towel for your feet and back in a relaxing atmosphere infused with an aromatherapy scent of your choice.



Touch of Heaven’s Reflexology Foot Spa Treatment

This treatment is focuses solely on reflex points on your feet. You will start off with a warm towel around your neck with your choice of essential oil to diffuse in the air while your feet soak in a pedicure bowl with warm stones at the bottom. After your feet have soaked for 10-15 minutes a sugar scrub is used to remove any dead cells soften callous areas allowing the massage to go deeper and work on the reflex points. Even though you will feel like your walking on clouds at this point we want you to feel heavenly so we end the session with a foot mask accompanied with warm towels.





Hot Stones*

 Hot stones are made from basalt stones which will retain heat longer than normal stones. The heat from the stones gives a calming soothing effect on the skin and the muscles which allows the therapist to work a little deeper. The stones are also used to help work out knots, tension and trigger point areas. Some of the benefits of hot stone is that it promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation, Allieviates stress, releases toxins, relieves pain, improves circulation and calms the psyche. Some individuals that might benefit from being treated with hot stones are individuals dealing with muscular aches and pains, MS, Arthritis, Fibromylagia, Stress, Anxiety, insomnia and Depression.

*If you are pregnant or have high blood pressure please be advice that hot stones are a contraindicated and we will not able to add this to your massage. We assure you we are only looking out for your well being.

Full Body $ 35.00

Back Only $15.00

Paraffin treatment

A paraffin treatment is great for individuals who are suffering from chronic pain in their hands and feet. It is considered a natural treatment for arthritis, stiff joints, muscle spasms and dry and cracked skin. The heat from the paraffin improves circulation, relaxes tight muscles and reduces inflammation along with leaving your skin feeling smoother and softer.

Hands $10.00

Feet $15.00

Both $25.00


The therapist will spend extra time and attention working on the reflex points on your hands and feet during your normal massage session. Reflex points relate to every organ, gland and system of the body.



            This is a Add- on that allows the client to pick an essential oil with the help of their therapist that can be used in the massage oil along with a diffuser in their session. Aromatherapy is considered to help alter a person’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health by using essential oils and other aromatic compounds.


 Massage  Packages

10% off on Massage Package of 6

20% off on Massage Package of 12

Gift Certificates Available 

 ****************************All prices do NOT include Sales Tax *****************************

 Please remember sales tax is 6.75% in Summit County.

Please note if you have a prescription from a Health Care Provider for massage I am able to waive the sales tax for Relaxation & Therapeutic massages. You must provide me a prescription to keep in your file and might be required to update it yearly. Please see my forms sections for a form you may take to your Health Care Provider.

Additional Services

( These services may be customized . Prices will vary depending on customization.)

Massage Parties

Gather your friends for a unique, fun and relaxing get-away! Everyone enjoys a 30 minute service of their choice. While you wait for your treatments, relax in our peaceful space set up at your home by the massage therapist. Feel free to serve food, snack, wine or other beverages to enhance your party!

Call for pricing

Corporate Chair Massages


A Touch Of Heaven By MJ, LLC will come to your place of business and offer chair massage to your employees to compliment your health and wellness program or to give as client/employee incentives and rewards. Price depends on the number of therapists needed and length of time needed.

 Call our office to get a personalized quote that will suit your business’ needs.